The Sound and the Fury

August & September
in Ashland, Oregon

There is Nothing Else in the World (14x11)

There is Nothing Else in the World (14x11)

Landscapes evoke memories of more than a pleasant view. They carry with them the sounds, tastes, smells, and sensory experiences of the past; suggestions and seductions of the future; and the comfort of the now.

After you see Macbeth at the Allen Elizabethan Theater this year, stop by Shepherds Dream to see my series of encaustic paintings inspired by the aftermath of hubris and the lust for power. The landscapes in this series, The Sound and the Fury, are based on memories of the South, specifically the alluvial plains of the Mississippi Delta. The titles of the paintings are quotes from William Faulker’s novel, The Sound and the Fury, which references Macbeth’s Tomorrow soliloquy upon learning of Lady Macbeth’s death (spoiler!)

Like the imaginary blood of guilt she can never wash clean, the Mississippi River metaphorically and literally washes much of the United States clean — of our soil and of our sins — depositing both good and evil in the Mississippi Delta where the wages of power and inequality are still being paid.

OPENING RECEPTION: First Friday Ashland August 2, 2019, 5:00 pm
SECOND RECEPTION AND LIVE DEMO: First Friday Ashland September 6, 2019, 5:00 pm